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Jasmine Martin

Jasmine Martin

Financial Services Professional

Jasmine Martin was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Communication Arts and Nutrition Degree.

Jasmine has been in financial services for three years. She advocates physical wellness and works to show clients how their health can affect eligibility and costs for access to certain assets. 

Her passion is to help individuals and families have peace of mind when it comes to protecting their core values. Whether it is health, family, legacy, financial security, adventure, or spiritual fulfillment, a person's core values are the centerpiece of his or her financial life. Jasmine firmly believes that happiness and great abundance are attained when people's actions and behaviors support their core values. Jasmine is on track to build a women's community that focuses on fitness and finance. Her goal is to help every woman have the information, education, and tools to take care of herself financially, no matter what the circumstances.

Jasmine lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is insurance licensed in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.