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For Clients

Embarking on the road to financial success can naturally evoke feelings of uncertainty or apprehension. You may know where you want to land, but you don’t know where to start. At Summit Advisory, our step-by-step process is designed to guide you on your path to financial wellness in the most holistic way possible. From the first step to the last, you can be assured every move we make together will be calculated in your very best interests.

CONSULTATION. We first sit down with you for a comprehensive consultation to develop our understanding of your current financial landscape and what your goals are.

DATA. We’ll then work to classify your resources with gathering as much data as possible.

ANALYZE AND STRATEGIZE. We’ll then bring the data to a white board session and draw everything out visually. Here is where the magic starts to happen, as we’ll begin to map out strategies to tackle your goals.

PLAN. Once we’ve selected the most appropriate strategy for your unique needs, we’ll complete your financial plan.

ALLOCATE. Starting from a tax standpoint, we’ll then allocate your investments and resources.

MONITOR. Finally, we’ll continually monitor your progress and evaluate your portfolio, to ensure your plan evolves with you through your life transitions.

A Note For Clients

People as a whole are alike in that we all want to have a life that is abundant and plentiful, but we are unique in that we all have a different interpretation of what this means.

At Summit Advisory Group, we understand that everyone has a different measurement of “plenty.” It is this very thing that makes each and every one of our clients so special and unique. And it’s the reason we tailor our approach to each client based on their specific needs, to develop the best plan to achieve the abundance they’re seeking.

If you’re ready to pursue your financial goals and attain the plentiful life you’ve always dreamed of, we’d love to talk. Call us today at (704) 554-6404 or email

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